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The Story

Being a travelling professional for decades I have always suffered from not being able to find comfort and rest during long haul flights. I have tried all kinds of travel devices like neck-rolls and cushions but nothing really helped me. Most of the devices even forced my head forward instead of keeping it in the desired stable position.

The conventional devices suffer from one deficiency: They don’t consider, that the head falls forward during upright seating. Instead they press it forward even more when laid on the neck. We all know that we feel comfortable in bed when we have a cushion under our head giving us approx. 20° angle at the neck. Such angle is comfortable for breathing and sleeping. So a travel neckrest should also generate this angle and KEEP IT IN STABLE POSITION irrespective of vehicle movements.

One day, after a long flight without sleep, I returned home with a firm intention to elaborate a solution for this age-old problem of modern travelling. Being an engineer by education, I based the whole solution on optimal function for stability of head position, comfort, small size and coolness of wearing.

SleepX® is a real engineered product!