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    Where ever you go

    SleepX® is the solution for all travelers worldwide

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The concept

The unique SleepX® neckrest consists of a soft and cosy pad which fits perfectly between your chest and your chin to provide comfort and stability for your head in upright positions. The comfortable and adjustable neckstrap keeps the pad safely in position.

Other available travel neckrests like rolls, cushions or supports are either not preventing your head from falling forward or are just too big and bulky to allow easy handling. The new concept of SleepX® perfectly combines function and handiness in a cool product – a must for every traveler seeking relaxation even in confined upright seating positions.

SleepX® Engineered for your comfort

International Patents Pending

The soft pad design ensures smooth comfort

The patented buckle allows individual adjustment

How to attach SleepX®:

It will give support to your head and will keep it from falling forward. Make sure it sits correctly for your individual comfort and enjoy relaxation in upright seating position as you have always dreamed of!

  1. Open the Velcro of the neckstrap and hold SleepX® under your chin towards your neck. Make sure the buckle points away from your neck.
  2. Hold your head in upright position – don’t look down
  3. Place SleepX ® between your chin and your breast. Find a height and angle position which feels comfortable. We suggest trying a forward leaning angle of approx. 10°-20° (the top of SleepX® leans forward against the bottom)
  4. Now relax your neck muscles and let your head fall down into SleepX (R) for some few millimeters. By gently pressing SleepX® with one hand towards your neck you will keep it from sliding out of position.
  5. You may want to try rotating SleepX® by 90° and find the resulting difference in height more comfortable for you
  1. The buckle can slide up and down for optimum fit. Each position will give SleepX® a different support and a different comfort feeling. Most people find the lowest position most comfortable. We suggest trying this position first: slide the buckle all the way down against SleepX® before wrapping the strap around your neck.
  2. After you have found a comfortable position, close it over the buckle with the Velcro. You can adjust the length of the neckstrap to your individual neck circumference by adjusting the Velcro fastener at the buckle-end.
  3. After closing the neckstrap the position of SleepX® might have to be corrected to your individual comfort position again. Don’t worry: when you use SleepX® for the second time you will find your best position at once!
  4. You are ready to enjoy travelling in upright position – finally!!!

Finally you can sleep in economy Class!

Ergonomic comfort

  • SleepX® brings comfort and stability for your head in upright sleeping position.
  • SleepX® fits perfectly between chest and chin in your individual best position.
  • SleepX® - unlike conventional travel pillows - prevents your head from tipping forward:
      - No more neckpain.
      - No more falling over on your neighbour's shoulder.

Your travel companion

  • SleepX® is suitable for any flight or long journey.
  • Lightweight, small and compact.
  • Washable and easy to handle.


"Finally there is a solution for a well-known problem! SleepX prevents the head from tipping forward during sleep. The result is relaxation and restful sleep especially during travel times. Neckstrain is a problem of the past."

Dr. Tim Kinateder, ‎Dr. Tim Kinateder, orthopaedist and team doctor of the German Davis Cup team.

The story

slide Lucash/Wikimedia/CC

Being a travelling professional for decades I have always suffered from not being able to find comfort and rest during long haul flights. I have tried all kinds of travel devices like neck-rolls and cushions but nothing really helped me. Most of the devices even forced my head forward instead of keeping it in the desired stable position.

The conventional devices suffer from one deficiency: They don’t consider, that the head falls forward during upright seating. Instead they press it forward even more when laid on the neck. We all know that we feel comfortable in bed when we have a cushion under our head giving us approx. 20° angle at the neck. Such angle is comfortable for breathing and sleeping. So a travel neckrest should also generate this angle and KEEP IT IN STABLE POSITION irrespective of vehicle movements.

One day, after a long flight without sleep, I returned home with a firm intention to elaborate a solution for this age-old problem of modern travelling. Being an engineer by education, I based the whole solution on optimal function for stability of head position, comfort, small size and coolness of wearing. The body shape of SleepX® features roundings which are not only pleasing the eye but which are designed according to “form follows function”. The soft foam body holds a stiffening core to provide the structural strength to keep the head safely in position. Orientation of the pad and height adjustment of the neckstrap allow adaptation of SleepX® to any neck and head shape.

SleepX® is a real engineered product!


SleepX® is the solution for all travelers worldwide suffering from confined upright seating during their travel in airplanes, busses, trains, tubes or cars. Transportation providers, air-travel companies, travel agencies and others may be interested to use SleepX® to provide more comfort for their customers. If you want to be marketing partner for this patent-pending product please contact us.


Some fun facts

Enjoy them
140 140 grams
lighter than your cellphone
20 20° angle
Comfortable position
24 How many years of your life do you spend sleeping?

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