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1. How do I find the most comfortable wearing position for SleepX?

  • We advise to first try placing SleepX without the neckstrap between your chin and chest. Familiarize yourself with the feeling in different pitch positions while keeping it in place by holding it with one hand. Let your head fall fully into it while being seated with a realistic travelling seat back reclination. Remember your favourite pitch position!
  • Next you need to set the length of the neckstrap by opening and adjusting the velcro at the “buckle”-end of the strap. The neckstrap should close nicely on the buckle while you place the 4 fingers of your hand in front of your throat.
  • Now engage the buckle to SleepX and loop the strap around your neck. It’s end should close nicely on the buckle with SleepX in a tight position. It may feel unusual for the first time and you will pobably adjust SleepX to your favorite pitch position as well as the buckle to it’s best position (“head”-position, “center”-position or “chest”-position). You will find your best individual setting and enjoy the safe comfort position for your head.

2. SleepX slides down my chest whenever my head fully falls into it.

  • The lower legs of SleepX towards your chest will stop sliding downwards when you have set the right combination of SleepX-pitch, neckstrap length and buckle position. Probably sliding the buckle downwards and optionally tightening the strap will prevent SleepX from sliding downwards.

3. My head still falls sidewards.

  • Increase the pitch of SleepX to a greater angle. SleepX should not sit parallel to your throat but at a certain angle such that it supports your jaw at its centre and not towards the throat. Probably you should also slide down the buckle towards the chest in order to support the pitch angle.

4. My head comes to a rest position too much forward.

  • Try rotating SleepX by 90 degree to increase its height. Try reclining the backrest of your seat in order to recline the angle of your spine.

5. The neckstrap is overlapping the buckle and cannot be closed.

  • Shorten the lengths of the neckstrap by opening the velcro within the comfort sleeve and re-connect it at a suitable position. The end of the neckstrap should close perfectly on the buckle for best comfort.

6. Wearing SleepX feels uncomfortably tight at the throat.

  • Wearing SleepX may feel strange at the beginning but don’t worry: you willget used to it very quickly! For optimal comfort it is of utmost importance to find your individual best wearing position for SleepX: SleepX-pitch (angle between SleepX and your throat), length of the neckstrap and buckle-position (“head”-position, “center”-position or “chest”-position) can be adapted to individual requirements. You will notice a huge difference in wearing comfort!

7. Why is SleepX no travel pillow?

  • Actually SleepX is the first “travel non-pillow”. A pillow is intended to be soft and change its shape when in use. In contrast to the other “head rest”-solutions, SleepX acts as a chin-rest just like a bike-stand. This is the only way to prevent the head from tipping forward when sleep is kicking in and the neck muscles are relaxing. Any soft pillow – even if applied between chin and chest – does not work to keep the head from nodding forward.
  • Due to its specific design however, SleepX provides strength and comfort at the same time.

8. Why is SleepX shaped so strange?

  • The geometrical shape of SleepX is entirely motivated by functional aspects. The general X-shape allows safe bearing of the head at its upper end as well as strong side-support through its lower legs towards the chest. By turning SleepX by 90 degrees it will gain 10 % height to accommodate longer necks. In both these positions the roundings between its legs remain the identical radius for optimum chin support. All edges towards the throat are phase-rounded to allow different pitch-positions of SleepX for individualized comfort positions.

9. Why is the buckle shaped so strange?

  • The core functional feature of the buckle is its cross-shaped slot which allows the neckstrap to engage its suspending-force onto SleepX at different height positions. This is beneficial for the individualization of the comfort position and to keep SleepX reliably in place without sliding down the chest. The rounded cut-outs of the buckle prevent the chin from making contact with the buckle.

10. Why is it so complicated to use SleepX?

  • It is not complicated – but may be a bit unusual for the first time. As SleepX mechanically functions as a support-rest rather than a cushion it needs to provide a stable and strong support between chest and chin. Any cushion in this position would counteract this functional requirement! At the same time DleepX had to provide comfort to its user-of course! This is achieved by its special design comprising a strong structural core within a soft foam body. Furthermore its shape is designed to allow different angular positions which are being perceived as individually comfortable by every user. Once the user has found his optimal set-up SleepX will provide stsbility and comfort at the same time.

11. Why leaning the head forward and away from the seat-back?

  • We feel most comfortable when laying horizontally in a bed with a pillow under our head giving us an angle of appr. 20 degree between spine and head. Gravity works for us here such that our head rests in what physics knows as a stable equilibrium: every little motion of the head reinforces the stability of this equilibrium.
  • Unfortunately during travel times we don’t have the luxury to lay down horizontally for sleep. Instead we have to cope with almost vertical sleeping positions – mostly we can recline our seatback to a 20-30 degree position. If we now place a pillow in our neck again we feel as cosy as in bed again – alas: our head keeps tipping forward! We try to balance it in a position physics knows as an unstable equilibrium: every little motion of the head leads to a collapse of equilibrium – our head tipps forward or sidewards. (Try balancing a ball on top of another one!)
  • As soon as we fall asleep our neck muscles relax and we cannot control the the unstable equilibrium anymore. Hence we have a built-in alarm clock which wakes us up just when we fall asleep! The only way to prevent that is to intentionally lean forward and set up a stable equilibrium for the head again: don’t try and balance your head upright – lean it forward. However, in order to keep the head from falling down all the way and such overstretching the neck muscles, you need a support for your head. This is what SleepX does for you!